Frantone Cream Puff Plus

Could it be true?

So you love the idea of having a Cream Puff but you'd like a little something extra?  How about two Frantone effects in one amazing combo!

This is not like just two pedals chained together.  This completely custom made Frantone pedal is made to order and comes with a unique four-way true bypass selector which allows you to play either the Cream Puff alone, or the 'other' effect alone, or both at the same time in parallel, or true bypassed around both effects. 

The Cream Puff Plus comes standard with The Sweet on the side, but you can also custom order any other Frantone effect for the flip side of your Cream Puff.  It is all up to you, because every Frantone pedal is custom made, so you can order it up however you want it.  That's what makes Frantone so special! 

All new Frantone effects come with full signal bypass and status light!

Each Cream Puff Plus pedal is custom made in
the USA by Frantone and features:



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